The Hofmann family  (Wayne, Tina, Lori, Jeff, Julie, Derek & Chelsea)  all worked together to provide us with about $400 worth of food for our  pantry.  We are very grateful to them.

Cameron Jackson from Salt Lake Shows off the bins of food he raised as part of his Eagle Scout project.

A group of church women  show off their food donations.

Don Good doing some good by dropping off food donations for our pantry from friends from  the Capital Church.

Neighbors unite to help end hunger

for our kids.

University of Phoenix  did a

2 week food drive at its three branches in Salt Lake. . Thanks to ​Holly Heffron, Community Relations Director  and

 Darris Howe, VP/ Director   for helping.

Murray Area Chamber of Commerce, Women In Business  asks members to drop of donations at their meetings.  Stephanie Wright (far L)  is Chamber President.

When having your Christmas and holiday parties, ask each guest to bring a few items to fill a bin for donation to KidsEat! People love to donate during the giving season. Lynda Brown has done this for many years with her neighborhood ladies' group. Instead of exchanging a gift, each lady brings a sack full of food. If you are a business, make a Christmas Tree of the collected food and then donate it to KidsEat! Program.


       Families work together to gather food.  We had one generous family whose goal was to gather enough food for 100

       backpacks!  They delivered them directly to the Murray Club. They did a phenomenal job and earned the satisfaction of

       helping others at the same time.


       Neighbors join together to help fight hunger in their own back yard by having a food drive, topped off with a

        neighborhood Bar-B-Q or similar event.  


Boy and Girl Scouts are always looking for charity and volunteer opportunities. 

KidsEat! is the perfect activity for fulfilling an Eagle Scout Project!


​If you have a talent or gift of speaking you can sponsor an event featuring your skill or talent. If you have a band, are a dancing club or other performing group, have a performance and have the price of admission be food. Jeremy Holm is an example of making this work ! He presented a wonderful motivational seminar.


Lion's, Kiwanis, Rotary, Exchange Club, Chambers of Commerce, Sororities, UWABO,   Bunko and Bingo Clubs and everyone else !  Have your members bring their donation to your meeting for donation. 


"Girls for Good" from Sandy, Utah  organizing donations.

Men's and Women's Church organizations are the perfect groups to sponsor a food drive such as  Sororities, Church Women's Organizations ie: Relief Society, Eastern Star, Mutual Girls,  Job's Daughters, Demolay, Priesthoods, etc.


UDC officers deliver truck full of

food to the  pantry.


Departments within a company or business can have an inter-departmental challenge. The winning department
gets a reward.  The Utah Department of Corrections is a great example of a successful  “Challenge”.   The winning
Department got a pancake breakfast with the Chief and with Lynda Brown and Bob Dunn,  VP,  B&G Club of
Greater  Salt Lake.     Murray City Employees did a similar drive as well to help feed our kids !

There are many ways to have a successful Food Gifting for  KidsEat!   We are happy to  provide material support, for example,  banners, posters  &  bins . 

Food Gifting Ideas

If  donating by check, please make payable to KidsEat! and  mail to:              Kids Eat!     

                                    C/O Evans & Associates

                                     999 E. Murray Holladay Rd. # 104  SLC, UT 84117

​                                          Attn. Lynda Brown

                  All donations will be spent on food & supplies

 We'll take any snacks and meals that are non-perishable and that kids love. The healthier, the better! Some great meals are listed below. 

Instant Oatmeal Packets, Pop Tarts, Soup,

Small Peanut Butter, 

Soups: Tomato, Vegetable Beef, Chicken Noodle, 

Trail Mix, Graham , Ritz  & Saltine Crackers, Tuna,  Granola Bars, Mac & Cheese,

Rice-A-Roni, Ravioli,  Spaghetti & Meatballs, Pork and Beans, Chili,  Fruit & Applesauce Cups, Pudding Cups, Canned Meats, Vegetables and other healthy Non-Refrigerated Foods. 

Avoid chips, cookies and Top Ramen

 No Glass Please. 

Your food donation

means everything

How to Help

Sisters from the Lambda Master Chapter of BEO, Jolene Frandsen and   Sharon Gibb  visit Machelle Lake of  B&G Club to determine food needs.

Keeping our pantry full is essential to our success !

Murray City Employees donate at work.