Jaimie Dunn is the Director of the Child Care Center at the Murray Boys & Girls Club. These are two examples of the food needs of some of their children.

One of the families that we gave a turkey and gift card to this year has been attending the club for two years. The mother died several years ago and the father has been raising their children, a 4 year old boy and a 5 year old girl, on his own ever since. Just this month the father was also given custody of a 7 year old boy that was from his deceased wife’s first marriage. Now all three children attend our Club.

This single father does his best to support his family but unfortunately they are seriously struggling and do not always have enough money for food. Luckily we are able to feed these kids breakfast, lunch and dinner at club everyday but when club is closed and over holidays it is very hard for them. Once when I was talking to the little girl she told me that her daddy doesn’t eat food because he’s a grown up and food is just for his kids. They usually only have cereal to eat at home.

The Murray Club also tries to provide turkey's at Thanksgiving to at-risk kids and their families.  When we gave a turkey to one child to take home for Thanksgiving,  this young boy was so happy jumping up and down and said “We get to have Thanksgiving now!” He has never had a turkey for Thanksgiving before.  —- Jaimie Dunn